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Making good people helpless, won't make bad people harmless.



2nd Amendment Defense welcomes the newly passed law to have Illinois become a concealed-carry state.  The products we offer will be aligned with the new legislation and also support sport shooters and hunters.  In the future we will feature holsters, sub-compact, compact and full size handguns, and ammunition to support defensive carrying.


The three popular pistol actions are Single Action Revolver (also known as cowboy guns), Double Action Revolver, and Semi-Automatic.  Pistol choice is a very personal matter.  It goes beyond visual aesthetics to include considerations of action type, caliber size, and frame size.  Just because a gun may have better "stopping power" against an assailant, doesn't mean the user shouldn't look at other factors.  The gun of choice should be one that the owner can operate reliably, isn't afraid to use, and can shoot accurately.  


Rifle actions include bolt action, lever action, single-shot, semi-automatic, and a few other less popular types.  Purchase considerations include factors such as intended use (whether for hunting, competition, or sport), weight, caliber size, recoil, and many others.  

Firearm Transfers

The chances are you can find what you want on the internet.  But how do you get it in your hands?  That's where we can help.  Our Federal Firearms License (FFL) allows us to receive a firearm from the seller and transfer it to you.

Holsters - Visit showroom for brands and styles available.  Currently only stocking holsters compatible with GLOCK handguns.

Concealed carry holsters are available in a variety materials, for a range of firearms, and for different gun sizes.  The appropriate or preferred holster to use may even depend on what season it is.  That means that a holster that can be concealed when wearing winter clothing may not be the holster to use when wearing summer clothing.


The right ammunition to use goes beyond just having the ammunition in the correct caliber for your gun.  Knowing the penetration potential of the round being used is critical when shooting for self defense.

Safes - coming soon

Two of the biggest qualities to look for in a safe are the ability to keep the wrong people from gaining access while allowing the right people to gain access in a timely manner.  





Last modified: February 10, 2014