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Chief Instructor Brian Konopa Earns Distinguished Expert Rating

2nd Amendment Defense Inc. Chief Instructor completes NRA Pistol Course of Fire

December 30, 2013 -- 

During the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course students are exposed to the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program.  The program has separate requirements for several shooting disciplines.  One such discipline covers the pistol qualifications.  The skills that are tested are accuracy, dexterity, precision, and speed.  There are six ratings that are available after obtaining the basic practical rating.  Brian was able to complete the course of fire on just three subsequent range visits after obtaining the basic rating.  "As an instructor, I am recommending the program to students.  I can now serve as an example that the course is beneficial and fun.  It is self-paced and it's also a great way to have a goal to obtain when attending the range."  The Distinguished Expert rating is the highest level awarded and signifies completion of the program for a particular discipline.

Brian also stated that the next objectives are completing the two Defensive Pistol qualifications that coincide with the Personal Protection courses offered by the NRA.  The Defensive Pistol I Qualification is designed to supplement the Personal Protection in the Home course, while the Defensive Pistol II Qualification is designed to supplement the Personal Protection Outside the Home course, both of which Brian is a certified instructor.  The Defensive Pistol II course involves drawing from a strong side holster, a skill that complements the impending concealed carry licensing.


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