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"Personal Protection Outside the Home" Certification

Chief Instructor Brian Konopa Completes Additional NRA Training

August 25, 2013 -- 

2nd Amendment Defense Inc. owner Brian Konopa has received instructor certification for the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOTH) course.  The certification is the result of three full days of intensive training.   First, the course was attended as a student, where both the Basic Course and Advanced Course were completed.  Then the course was taken at the instructor level with instruction given by NRA Training Counselor Brian Kapnick.

A large portion of time was spent learning techniques for drawing a defensive firearm from a concealed holster.  "From the beginning our company established the goal to provide training to our customers.  We really want concealed carry to be performed in a safe and responsible manner.  Even if customers don't sign up for the NRA PPOTH course, they will still receive some benefits when making a decision for holster selection."  Brian will be able to apply his knowledge when working with clients.  Holster selection is based on a variety of factors.  The customer will receive recommendations based on feedback given during a brief question and answer session.  Also of critical importance will be the demonstration of safe techniques for drawing from a holster.

2nd Amendment Defense enjoys its position as provider of firearm sales and training.  The company also takes great pride in being a resource for information and a facilitator for discussions regarding safe and responsible ownership. 


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Last modified: August 26, 2013