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"Each GLOCK pistol was designed and engineered to respond directly to the needs of our customers. Many models have a specific purpose, while others serve a broader range of uses and interests. With more than 50 pistols to choose from, we have designated eight categories of buyers to better help you in choosing your first GLOCK handgun, or in many cases, your next.

Regardless of your focus or preferences, you can be absolutely certain that every GLOCK product delivers on our promise of providing the ultimate combination of safety, speed, simple operation, optimum ergonomics, minimal weight, and low maintenance costs all at an affordable price."

Other Pistols
There are dozens of manufactures with products that appeal to the vast array of individual interests.  The amount of information available through publications and the internet about virtually every make and model is impressive.  What's a buyer to do?  Research, research, research.  Not only can a future buyer learn about a handgun of interest, they can also learn about various sources from which to obtain them.  2nd Amendment Defense is aligning with a network of distributors to be able to provide our local customers with the option of ordering directly from us. We might not be able to find every item, and if that's the case then we will certainly be glad to perform a gun transfer for you.  One excellent source for investigating what is available on the market is Lipsey's.  Their web site is searchable and shows the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) for just about every gun.  Use their site to find out what you want, then contact us to see if it is available and what our price is.  We can typically offer a lower price unless the item is in high demand.
Compare Total Cost
How will you know which path is more cost effective?  When calculating the total cost to obtain a new rifle, there are several costs to account for.  The primary cost is the initial purchase price.  If the gun is being shipped to us for a transfer, then there is also the shipping fee and the transfer.  If you are buying through us, then the cost added to the initial purchase price is sales tax.  In the example below, the purchase price is the same from both sources.  But if we can obtain a firearm for you with a lower purchase price, then that will keep the advantage with us once the sales tax rises above the shipping and transfer fee amounts.
Gunbroker or online purchase Direct Purchase from 2nd Amendment Defense
$500 Purchase Price $500 Purchase Price
$25 Shipping Fee $41.25 Sales Tax
$20 Transfer Fee    
$545 Total acquisition cost $541.25 Total Acquisition Cost

email info@2ndinc.com to inquire about availability and pricing of any make and model of interest



Last modified: February 10, 2014