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Rock River Arms
If you like buying products "Made in America", then you will really like Rock River Arms.  Not only are they based in the USA, they are also located in Illinois.  And as you could most likely ascertain from their name, they are "downstream" from us.  The company is located in Colona, Illinois.  They are just outside the Quad Cities, where the Rock River joins with the Mississippi River. 

In December 2003, after outperforming 10 other manufacturers in rifle abuse tests, Rock River Arms was awarded a contract with the Drug Enforcement Administration for a minimum of 5,000 LAR-15 rifles to be purchased over five years.  As a result of Rock River Arms winning the DEA contract, other federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Marshals, have also obtained Rock River Arms weapons under piggyback contracts.

Key Benefits

Rifles made for a variety of calibers
Made in America/Made in Illinois
Available with 30 round magazines
AR15 and AK47 variations
Tested and approved by US Government agencies


Pricing can be found on their website for complete rifles and for accessories.  

email info@2ndinc.com to confirm current availability and pricing


Last modified: February 09, 2014